Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love Drug

Raheem DaVaughn's latest song, one of my favorite songs and artist of the moment, is Love Drug... I feel that song... In and Out... I LOVE that song... I am someones Drug and they are mine....However, They was a time that I was addicted to someone who was not addicted to me.. Anyway a list has been compiled (Thanks to My Homegirl Over at SavedinTheCity) that compares drug use and sex.


DRUGS: Sudden changes in interest
SEX: Lose interest in any thing that is not related to getting some

NOW, if you have EVER gotten it the RIGHT way, you will find that your most pressing issues of the day is not family, work, politics or the weather….it is I need HIM/HER right now and you will spending every waking moment trying to figure when will be the next time you can get that high/release AGAIN. Psychiatrists say that the addiction itself is the underlying cause of behavioral changes, where patients lose interest in everything that they do, especially those that matters most. So its not your partners sexual prowess that has your mind blown its your addiction to that high, not how you get there, just getting there.


DRUGS: Compulsive acts of borrowing money or any actions related to money
SEX: Compulsive acts of THROWING your money away by wining, dining and loaning money to your boo.

It might be a stretch to compare the two, but at the end of the day whether its sex or drugs you end up broke, LOL. Now we all know the idiots that we see on Divorce Court and other shows that have “loaned” their unemployed, broke down boo money for a car, down payment, etc. As we laugh at these idiots, think about all the countless times that you yourself have done the same thing is some shape or form. Maybe not a loan but you have taken that person to dinner, etc. One day, it may have been so good that you got him a short set (thanks Beyonce). You would be hard pressed to find anyone to do such idiotic things in a sexless relationship.


DRUGS: Secretive acts
SEX: Secretive acts

If you frequent secretive places such as crack houses, you would most likely be a drug addict. Now, for the sexually addicted this goes several ways. Have you ever spied on that guy/or girl, went through their phone, hacked their voicemail (I’m telling too much). Well, if your answer is yes, why all the secrecy. Now the ultimate secretive acts are the FREAKY, indescribable things that you will do to get to the next level of highness. SOME of you have done things that only you and that person know about. Just like a crack head will do any matter of things to get his next hit, you will do all manner of porn star level things to get your release.


DRUGS: Withdrawal symptoms
SEX: Withdrawal symptoms

Drug addicts manifest withdrawal symptoms. Drug addicts usually demonstrate feeling of restlessness, nausea, tremors, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, and difficulty to concentrate. All this applies when you try to let go of someone who treats you like spit on the sidewalk. Drugs make you high while damaging your heart, kidney, etc. Sex makes you feel good while sometimes damaging your heart, mind, self esteem, etc. When you try to let him or her go you are anxious that maybe you can’t do any better, restless at night, sweating when you think of him/her, feeling tremors at the thought of what you used to feel, unable to concentrate at work and nauseated by the freak nasty things that you used to do.


DRUGS: Over usage
SEX: Over usage

You are a drug addict if you tend to use a particular drug longer than prescribed by the doctor or if you use it even for no apparent reason at all. When a relationship is otherwise useless and you continue to engage in it, you are overusing your prescription.


DRUGS: Inability to stop
SEX: Inability to stop

You are already hooked up when you can no longer stop using the drugs. Your body's mechanism is already dependent on it; hence, stopping will cause more problems that you are unable to handle. So, you call it a second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth chance and drug addicts call it a relapse, it’s all the same.

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