Monday, May 12, 2008

Walks in the Rain

Have you ever walked in the rain?
I mean really walked in the rain
not worrying about your hair or your clothes
or how crazy you looked
walking in rain

I walked in the rain today

I got home from work
changed clothes and walked in the rain
It was so wonderful and
and me
it was
good sex
a talk with god
coffee with oprah
just wonderful

I talked to an old friend while on that walk
someone that I haven't talked to in a long time
I've seen them
been with them
but today
talking to my Nygga
not putting on heirs
saw them and
didn't give a damn
that my hair was in a scarf
that I was sweaty
I was tired
and winded
we just talked
acted silly
just being friends
I realized I miss
them more than I
ever thought
I had given up on being friends
that friend
thought we fell apart
now I know they
are still there
and I love them for that

today i walked in the rain
found me
found my friend
and spoke with God
What did you do today?

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