Monday, April 30, 2012

The chase

Is it the chase?The chase is what makes it interesting isn't it?Perhaps it was never entirely a fair game cause he made me chase him knowing I wouldn't catch himbetter yet when I thought I was close to catching himHe changed the rules on me.Perhaps a chemistry this strong was never meant to be.Perhaps its just the chase that he enjoyedWhen I was falling in love with himHe was just playing the gameI would never change the rules up on himI would let him catch mehave meand all my complexitiesBut again its just the chase

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What manner of fuckery is this???

I miss you Desperately I long for the touch Your lips against mine I dream of us locked In a rhythm of passion Struggle to remove you From my thoughts When you touch me I taste colors Sweet blues Sour blacks And salty whites You dance on my tongue Like golden cavair Rare and exotic I close my eyes And savor you For as long as I can Before I'm force to swallow After I'm left famished And saddened again My soul aches at our parting Your neglect of me Of my feelings My wants And needs Is not only heart breaking But Devastating And confusing Like I was imaging You wanting me And the kisses and moments We shared were mere figments Of my imagination I am not whole Without you My only question is What manner of fuckery is this

Saturday, April 21, 2012

So Now What????????

What am I suppose to do now? Is the question that haunts my sleep the question that makes my stomach do flips mind racing no releif or answer in sight Wondering how I'm suppose to move on from this I know this take time but time is not a luxury at my diposal It at this moment I remember that every pleasure and pain has a reason attatched le sigh

Thursday, April 19, 2012


In my current emotional state Jill Scott Make me weep.. Not Cry WEEP.. In public, in private, and all places in between.. Jay-Z Makes me angry cause I use to have things but I know I don't and I use to be ok with not having but now I'm Not Biggie Makes me wanna kick in the door and wave in the 44.. On two people. One gets it cause I love them the other one because I love the first one.. Crazy I know Jaime Foxx Settles me.. A lil party a lil sex No Love.. I take full responsibility for my current predicament.. There is No One else to blame and trust me I have searched for someone else.. I have no clue as to the lesson in this mess. I wish it was more apparent but its not.. As Always I know that I will Land on my feet and I will be ok.. What am I suppose to do NOW is the question that haunts my sleep.. Xo K

Monday, April 16, 2012

I need a Hit

You are addictive
like the first potato chip
or the first crack pipe hit
or that first grand of trap money
You got me leaning
and wishing
for another Dose of you

I dream of you
in color
Ravaging me or I you?
I dont know
I just see skin
hear moans
Feel my hands as they claw
for your heart through your back
and feel the heat of Us

Newly done hair dripping with sweat
Not caring
Eyes filled with tears
My lips ache for the touch of yours
Knees grow weak at the memory of you
Stomach has knots as big as economy sized cars
need to form a support group
I know there are others 
Feeling what I feel for you

Eyes open
I turn my head towards the clock
Its dark still dark
birds have not awaken to sing
Sun has not found its way to its proper place in the sky
but my heart is searching for you

I need a hit
but the dope man is gone
I text him
hoping to get more
of that raw
good shit
but he said
my currecy
is no longer accepted
My line of credit rejected

But I need a hit
I'm fading
all of the events of us

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tears *STOLEN*

The truth of the matter is......somewhere in the world a woman is shedding tears OVER A MAN. Most women have had their moment. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day a woman is shedding tears over a man. Professional woman, teenage mom, college student and retired teachers alike have all shared the burden of caring so much for one person that without thought that person can bring you to the brink of tears. With a careless word, a callous hand or a thoughtless heart, we can go from STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WELL ROUNDED woman to a WILTED, HEAPING, MESS. Whether you shed your tears at home in the dark or let them flow freely for all to see, you know the heart wrenching pain of being hurt by a man that they loved so hard or even one that they cared for just a little.

AND for those who have not shared their tears, I say....don't worry, Someone has cried enough for you. To those blessed women, it pains me to say...your time is coming Maybe. Your nights filled with tears and days filled with thoughts will come before you know it.

But oh the good news! For every tear-filled night and dreary morning, you will have those days when you experience the Glory of God. You will have those days of waking up KNOWING that God has blessed you with great character, unbreakable spirit and a beautiful heart. If you are fortunate, you will not let the pain stop you from loving. Regardless of the pain, your heart, soul and mind was created to show the glory of God through love. Love hard, cry hard and allow yourself to be loved in return


I am not use the this
my feelings are usually
My expectations of what this would look like
don't quite match up to reality
As much as I want you
to have a special place in my world
My will is not that strong
You too must desire it

Here I am
my calls unanswered
texts get no reply
lips unkissed
scents of you not smelt
my thirst not quenched

Knowingly I stepped into this
Both eyes open but not seeing the signs
mind racing but clear
feet firmly planted in the foundation of your lies
Heart and other body parts
at your immediate disposal
where did I sign up for
this at?
What part of the invisible fine print
was this in?

I know without a shadow of a doubt
I am not the only one
vying for a position in your air
I don't pretend to know how
all of what I have planned for us is going to pan out
My mind and body have conspired against me
making you the only source of viability

I understand Now
that the S on your chest is there
for Good reason
You have powers that are
body tingling
mind consuming
But remember that with great Power
comes great responsibility

More than

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