Thursday, April 12, 2012


I am not use the this
my feelings are usually
My expectations of what this would look like
don't quite match up to reality
As much as I want you
to have a special place in my world
My will is not that strong
You too must desire it

Here I am
my calls unanswered
texts get no reply
lips unkissed
scents of you not smelt
my thirst not quenched

Knowingly I stepped into this
Both eyes open but not seeing the signs
mind racing but clear
feet firmly planted in the foundation of your lies
Heart and other body parts
at your immediate disposal
where did I sign up for
this at?
What part of the invisible fine print
was this in?

I know without a shadow of a doubt
I am not the only one
vying for a position in your air
I don't pretend to know how
all of what I have planned for us is going to pan out
My mind and body have conspired against me
making you the only source of viability

I understand Now
that the S on your chest is there
for Good reason
You have powers that are
body tingling
mind consuming
But remember that with great Power
comes great responsibility

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