Sunday, December 14, 2008

That Damn Man

All I ever wanted
was for him to love me
hell to like me
to treat me like he
gave a damn

I gave him

He gave me his ass
to kiss
and not in the

All these years
and not a good
two way memory

That damn Man
Had me
around wrapped around his finger
Now I'm giving him
one of my own

tell me what to do

TEll me what to do

here I am
Missing us
missing you
missing love
missing Christmas Morning
more than you know

Feeling like
knowing that
we may not be
holding on to

how can I move forward
when all I do is look back
mourning a friendship lost
5 years of ok
crazy sex
and 4 am wake ups

not wanting to break her heart
or destroy yours

Tell me What to do

knowing that in all those
5 years
of foolishness
11pm kick outs
angry fights
crying phone calls
she has proved
to me that she has my back
no matter how strange it looks
on the outside

feeling that in 4 weeks
of christmas mornings
love making
pipe laying
wedding planning
soul searching
when I need you
to do something tangible
you folded
Cant have that
dont need that
when you feel like no one has you back
its time to move your back

so here I am missing you
being with her
loving you both
needing to see where this goes
daydreaming about you

Your life needs to move on
your love needs to be released
my heart wants to receive it
she needs me
i want you
or at least I think I do

tell me what to do

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loving you is as easy as breathing
Being close to you is like Ecstasy
just having you next me but sexually
oh Shyt
my clit
your tongue
like beats and drums
our music can play for hours
cold showers
can not take you off my mind
we intertwine
and make love every time we talk
I walk down the street happy
Not caring what people might say
Cause what I'm walking with is something
that most people never get
True Love If I was blind now I can see
I can be
and me
My heart is opened wide
My love all for you
Your love
my heart
they mix Like
Hyp and Goose
Like Cran and berry
like peace and love
Like moon and stars
Loving you is too easy
with you I can be sleazy
A whore brought and paid for
Freaky as I want to be
Loving you is too easy
looking super flyin my 750i
Hair laid
clothes fabulous
shoes impeccable
A reputable
upstanding Diva
Loving you is too easy
_____ and Kisha
in the club making it rain on em hoes
posted up not giving a fuck
knowing that what we have is everlasting
loving you is too easy

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