Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lines in the sand

For me
There is no middle ground
I either love you fully
Or I don't like you
I'm hot
Or cold
Not both
Trying to be friends
With someone Im in love with
Is heartbreaking
Nausea inducing
Mind fragmenting
And impossible
How can I hear about
Your latest conquest
When my heart is numb?
How can we talk on the phone
About the weather
Or sports
Or life
When your voice pierces 
Parts of my femininity 
That for years laid dormant?
How can we go have a drink 
When all I want to do is kiss you?
I refuse to lose my mind
Over you
The line in the sand
That you drew
Beckons me to pick a side
As much as I love you
I love me more

More than

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