Sunday, August 11, 2013


Things said
Like I love you
I need you
I want you
Be mine
Love me
Are all music to my ears
IF they come out of the mouth I desire
However when words
And actions 
Are polar opposites
I still stay
For a while
Cause I have hope
That you are 
Who you say you are
That you will do
What you say you will do
That your word is your bond
This is a slippery slope
We're on
To slide one way is to deny our instincts
That tug between us
That Everyone feels when they mention one of us around the other
To slide the other is a sin riddled, lie filled, alibi making up, lustful, carnal, foolish, and Joyous ride
To stay grounded where we are is just dumb how much longer can we do this?Months? Years?  Decades? 
I ever the nonconformist have decided just hours ago to take option to jump off this cliff with the only one who has shown in words and deeds they care for me 
And I will love me
Need me 
Want me
Cause my word is Bond

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