Thursday, September 26, 2013


know what's important 
Who is important
What I want
I even know my purpose (I think)
So when a piece of the puzzle
Doesn't fit
Or is lost
Or seems out of place
I try to make it work
I give it "all she's got captain" (I just watched Star Trek)
But if it's not working
Then I move on
One piece will not ruin 
The Entire picture
The puzzle may even change
And I too may evolve
But if that piece 
causes me 
too much grief
I'm done
Not with the puzzle
But with making that piece
Fit in

Monday, September 23, 2013

Thoughts of You

The thought of you

Laying on your bed 




Im Slightly drunk

You're Glistening 

We're Sexy

You're Naked

Waiting on me

Pulling me closer with your eyes

Is a dance we dance

Sometimes you lead I follow

Most time I lead you follow


We know its wrong

We can't seem to do right 

We stop dancing for a while

Then on lonely




When the cloak of morality

Is not draped across our shoulders

We pick up right where we left off 

You pop in my mind

At the most awkward times

No matter how hard I pray





Those images

And my desire

For you will not fade 

My dreams are filled 

With visions of you

Loving me

Kissing me

Fucking me

Talking to me

Never in all my years of life

Have I needed someone like this

It's beyond me


With all that we've been through

As must as we try not to 

we continually 

Do this dance

You want me

I need you

You say no

I say I probably should not

Yet 1-2 times a month 

Like clockwork

We are fantasizing 



And scheming to be together 

I don't want to do this dance anymore

I want to enjoy 

Whatever this is

For as long as I can

Is it wrong?


But this connection

Has bound us 

We seem unable to free from it

And sometime I don't want to

But this dance is getting old

And Honesty too

The intruding alarm woke Honesty James out of a wonderful dream. She brushed her chestnut locs out of face and peeked at the 

clock. 5:15 glowed at her in the darkness. "Oh shit" she mumbled. Her new work out plan would have to wait til the next week. 

As she beckoned sleep to come her way she thought about the caramel dream she meet at Cup and Saucer coffee shop two days before.  Troy was the name his smooth voice echoed as they chatted while waiting for their drinks to be made. 

She had never seen a specimen like him before. 6'5 the color of light and sweet coffee, bald headed, a smile to light her way out of the darkness. She literally shivered when their hand touched when they exchanged business cards. 

It had been 5 years since Jeff broke her heart along with her nose, right arm, and 3 ribs. After 2 years of counseling and therapy she moved to Miami shortly after. 

And Troy seemed like just the right way to get her feet wet well not just her feet

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That's that shit I don't like

So after having pretty major surgery and being out of work for 5 weeks without benefit of short term disability (because of my company's size) I return to work two weeks ago ready to hit the ground. I was working my ample butt off.

So imagine my surprise yesterday at being fired... Womp Womp


And the cherry on top, "we were going to let you go in July but didn't want the stress of having no job impede your recovery."

The Fuck??

More than

I am not just pussy I am soul food and eye candy  I am the soft sweet voice telling you the things you need but don’t want to hear I a...