Tuesday, April 12, 2011

P.H.AT meets FAT

So as you may or maynot know I think I am the prototype for a curvy,sexy,diva; CSD. The other day I passed a mirror totally nude.. Which normally makes me a smile.. Well lets just say I was not pleased with what I saw..
So on Sunday while I took my April Essence mag from my bedside table to its new home in the basement. The Lovely Newly Trimmed JHud smiled brightly at me. Now Before a divorce Lawyer calls me I do NOT want to be a size two or four but A healthier Lighter ME. Maybe a twelve/fourteen. Anywho I decided to give weight watchers online a try. They have apps and other cools tools that seemingly makes the process easier.
Day one was yesterday 4/11/11... two words; EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!! I had breakfast from MickeyD's, A huge Salad from Cosi, and Dinner was with Family at Carrabas.. All are allowable items however I not only ate more points then allowed I also used up alot of my weekly sprulge points for the week. :-(
Day two is going much better. Although I have not a clue whats for dinner and I leave town on thursday night for Part 3 of my birthday extravaganza. Which means some wining and dining.
What I know so far is Like most things Planning helps. Water, veggies, and fruits are also important. I am not a water drinker maybe two bottles a day. I am pushing myself to drink at least 64oz a day.. so far today 20 oz or so.
Will Post Pix tonight
Wish me luck on this new journey

Monday, April 4, 2011


As I sit here
at work
in pain and feeling this ache in my throat
I cant help but to be thankful
I have a job that pays me pretty decent money
I can move with out crying
which wasnt possible two months ago
Although my throat is on fiyah
I have a rx for some antibiotics at home
My Husband who normally treats me like a Queen
Is this treating me like a Goddess
Gifts, Cards, etc.. Basically just showering me with love and affection
No matter what my body is saying
I must remember its my attitude not my circumstances that determine my disposition
I am Blessed beyond measure
I have a life that I didnt even think was possible
I have a God who loves me and only wants things to work out for my good
I am loved
I am sexy
I am beautiful
I am smart
I am healthy
I am Love

You know what I am feeling better all ready

Happy Birthday Jill Scott
Happy Anniversary to the Carter's
Happy Birthday Month to ME


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