Thursday, April 19, 2012


In my current emotional state Jill Scott Make me weep.. Not Cry WEEP.. In public, in private, and all places in between.. Jay-Z Makes me angry cause I use to have things but I know I don't and I use to be ok with not having but now I'm Not Biggie Makes me wanna kick in the door and wave in the 44.. On two people. One gets it cause I love them the other one because I love the first one.. Crazy I know Jaime Foxx Settles me.. A lil party a lil sex No Love.. I take full responsibility for my current predicament.. There is No One else to blame and trust me I have searched for someone else.. I have no clue as to the lesson in this mess. I wish it was more apparent but its not.. As Always I know that I will Land on my feet and I will be ok.. What am I suppose to do NOW is the question that haunts my sleep.. Xo K

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