Monday, April 16, 2012

I need a Hit

You are addictive
like the first potato chip
or the first crack pipe hit
or that first grand of trap money
You got me leaning
and wishing
for another Dose of you

I dream of you
in color
Ravaging me or I you?
I dont know
I just see skin
hear moans
Feel my hands as they claw
for your heart through your back
and feel the heat of Us

Newly done hair dripping with sweat
Not caring
Eyes filled with tears
My lips ache for the touch of yours
Knees grow weak at the memory of you
Stomach has knots as big as economy sized cars
need to form a support group
I know there are others 
Feeling what I feel for you

Eyes open
I turn my head towards the clock
Its dark still dark
birds have not awaken to sing
Sun has not found its way to its proper place in the sky
but my heart is searching for you

I need a hit
but the dope man is gone
I text him
hoping to get more
of that raw
good shit
but he said
my currecy
is no longer accepted
My line of credit rejected

But I need a hit
I'm fading
all of the events of us

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