Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who love's you????

Do they wanna do right by you?

Do they care about what keeps you up at night?

Can they embrace your freaky side?

Do they know how you like it rough sometimes?

Do they reach for you at night?

Can they be this sexy at this size?

Do they pray for your peace and happiness?

Can they keep you warm at night?

Do they know where you spot is?

Can they Be a role model to you?

will they make they own do or sit around the house?

Can they let you shine?

Will they come to your office and hit you off?

Can they hold you down when shit gets thick?

Can they be a mother?

Are they your whores?

Will they do whatever, whenever, and however like me?

Will they be submissive when you are cocky?

Are the aggressive when you are weak?

Can they kick ass like me?

Will they cook dinner every night with something sexy on?

Will they unbuckle their seatbealts and .... well you know?

Will they fold under pressure?

Will they say yes to a threesome, foursome, or whatever you have in mind for the night?

Will they roll over after you come in from a long night of partying?

will they do a striptease for you?

Will they keep the house running smooth so you can handle the real world?

Can they pay for trips and sprees like me?

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Anonymous said...

Forreal Who got U trippin???

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