Sunday, May 11, 2008

Merry Xmas

Happy Holiday
Hey Baby
This is not poetry
this is a statement
It's Almost ????
And I have wanted you
for about 2 years now
730 days
17250 hours
1051200 minutes
In that time
What have I
got from you?
I got a few phone calls
some nice emails
couple of texts
a few views of that body of yours
some truly wonderful kisses
heard you call my name
up close
In my ear
as you climaxed
some arguments
some tense moments
lots of wet dreams
What I wanted from you?
nothing really
therefore i am truly thankful that I got that!
I really am

I wish i knew why
I think about you at least
once a week or so
I need to know why
i will do anything for
you to touch me
why I would sell my soul
for one of your kisses

I wonder what it is about
that makes me have no
self respect
I will do whatever
however you
whatever you need I got you!!!
Know that!
Trust That!
Fuck or no Fuck!
You are my Nygga!
I love you as I love all my friends
however I don't want to have sex with or kiss them...

I know that
I have said before
That I need to be free
of my addiction
of you
but I don't know how
I really don't
sometimes, well most times
I don't want to

You see
I want ???? to be
all about me
I have lost 5lbs in 10 days
I want to have my old sexier body back
30 is the new 20, you know... lol
This year is all about
getting what I
I have a great life
a very special Boo
a job I love
A handful of good friends
a bunch of associates
I am almost done school
I love being me

I just don't know
why you have this hold over me
I need to know
do you know
what it is
Can you tell me what
to do to get over it
I hoped that we would kiss
or get close to having sex
and it would be so bad
that that would cure me

But No!!!!!!!
as i have said before
your kiss, your umm well you know and your grip
are priceless

I guess the purpose of this
is to let you know
That you are the Shyt!!

Have a Happy Healthy Holiday Season
Hope to see you at my holiday party


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