Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I wrote this years ago, ran across it recently.. Still love it!

is it love when I reach out to you and end up fallin?

Do you even know whatyou do to me?

is it love when you cum and I don't?

Do you want me?

You see I can't end this, Why don't you?

Do you like me?

Why don't you love me?

What do you call it when I am honest and you lie?

How do you send me to voice mail?

What do I mean to you?

Where is your compassion?

What does "friend" mean to you?

Do you love me?

Why do you act this way?

How do you live, love,and laugh without me?

Do you care about me?

Do you think about me?

Why do you string me along?

If you want me outta your life why don't you just tell me?

Do you ever feel bad for treating me like this?

Why is it that everytime I asked you "do you want me?" you say "yes" but your actions say no?

Do I love me?

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