Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hey All

Ok 2008 is off to a hell of a start... Now My SS is going thru ish... She is being stalked!!!!! Oh Hell Naw!!!!! (I am so glad that some how all my peeps have a secret nickname or else I would be in trouble for revealing these facts!!!) WHEW!!!

Anyhoo, that is the purpose of this email..Stalking!!!. Even I have stalk'd... GASP!!!!! I am ashamed to admit it but I have.. There was this fine a$$ MoFo that I just had to have... I mean had to have!!!! Like really, really had to have!!!!!... lol

This lovely person gave me reason after reason after reason why we could not be A couple for lack of a better term.. But said we could be friends who flirted and had some very inappropriate conversations and physical interactions anytime... Now this lovely person gave me Good reasons... Rational reasons... Plain ol reasons... But I really could not, would not, thought I should not listen to them.. I really wanted to have a relationship, for lack of a better term, with this lovely person.

Let me clear a few things up... I wasn't the scary stalker... I don't think???? LOL!!!! I was the annoying, yet ego boosting stalker.. I would call all the time, email all the time, and text all the time..Tell this person how fine, smart, sexy, and lovable they were ..all the time.. Who doesn't want to hear that... all the time.. I Would want this person physically all the time! All the time!!! no really... all the time!!! Who doesn't want to know that someone out there in this big world wants them that much... LOL!!!! This lovely person would return my emails, sometimes.. return my phone calls, rarely... and would even return my texts... when they were drunk or horny.... which was every blue moon...

One day I realized, while I was calling them, that they were not... I repeat not going to answer the phone... I mean the call was going to go to voice mail..Because it usually did... I was not going to leave a message because I was mad at myself for calling in the 1st place.cause I knew I was going to voice mail...... And I said to myself, "Sexy (yes I call myself Sexy) Why are you putting yourself thru this?" I could not answer.. So I stopped... Yeah Me!!!... Unless I was drunk or horny..Boo Me!!!.LOL!!!

Now all stalking ain't bad... If you are stalking a career, a better future, more money, a closer relationship with God, or anything that would make your life better.... Then stalk away.. Otherwise you need to have a talk with yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that stalker shit is CRAZY! I have been stalked and it is not fun; at all!! Cut that shit out, lol!!!

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