Monday, May 5, 2008

Step up or fall back

That is what I'm feeling today about everything!
Step up or fall back

I feel like if this is my game to play
then everyday
from today until the headstone
I will give 1010%
Lose or win
Tired of looking back feeling like
I shouldve said this
I shouldve done that
Step up or fall back

I am not a fall back type of Bitch
When Ish gets thick
I thrive
that ish makes feel
like I'm alive
To know I wont back down or lay down
My Mother said to me
Get down or lay down and if you lay down then
stay down...
My mothers' motherly advice
sucks right?
Time to Step up or Fall back

What I lack
is back bone against
believe it or not
A$$holes with pretty smiles
convincing tongues
and sexy Swaggers
But if I am
to Live each day like its my last
then from this point forward
All A$$holes
can kiss my A$$
Step up or fall Back

This Junk in my trunk
ain't made for Chumps
Whats behind my eyes,
in between my thighs,
and whats under those things
that makes me look
so cute in V neck shirts
Are priceless
Not to be given to the weak.
Time to Step up or fall back

I feel like my back is against a wall now
My enemies should be nervous
Hope innocent people don't get caught up
in the crossfire
if they do then maybe
they deserve it
Step up or fall back!

My New Birthday Is May 5.... Mark your Calenders!

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