Sunday, May 11, 2008

how can you miss what you have not had????

Because imagination is a terrible thing to I wish some of us (me included) would lose it... Imagination gets us in more trouble than our actions (well sometimes anyway.) I am a girly girl..My mind plays tricks on me. I imagine great things. No one imagine that the new person they met is an asshole.

No one imagine that a new love is going to break their heart, be an idiot, or black their eye. We (or I if you don't want to admit it) think that if I just do this, they will do that or as one of my favorite actor's Angela Bassett says in "Waiting to Exhale" "I thought if I gave him what he needed, he would give me what I needed" ......

What I need to remember (and I am using I because you don't know what I'm talking about...Wink) Is as my Girl D says while she talks about the new Boo in her life "I'm the shit Nygga not you!" lol

I know that now....Wish I knew that then

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