Sunday, May 11, 2008

Star Gazer

Star Gazer
To you
I am
a Girl
just one
of the many
in your world

To me
You are
will be
always are
a superstar

A summer night
a few drinks
no time to think
car headed
in your direction
like it had
been there before
being your Whore
and luvin it

Like most stars
you are
to be looked at
not touched
not possessed
not held
not caressed
or kissed

just wished upon

from now on
I will treat you
like the
star you are

I will look up
at the night sky
because no matter
how I fight
tears I cry
to myself
l lie

Your place
is in the sky
not in my life

So don't be surprised
if I
don't call
don't write
don't fight
no more

I am
your Whore
no more

Just a Star Gazer

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Anonymous said...

Do I need to PLAGIARIZE this shit!!!

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