Sunday, May 11, 2008

This Ish Sucks

Ok so here is how it ends with the infamous D. I told my Girl (hey Shi) about D... Everything how I loved D, how I craved D. Everything. My Girl told me follow your heart, trust your gut, and do you.. My heart wanted D, My gut said f*CK D, and well doing me meant don't settle for BS. So, as I was driving my girl home, I talked to D on the cell...setting up an episode. After droppin her off. I realized that everything D said was going happen that nite I wasn't looking forward to ANY of it. I lied and said I hit traffic so we would hook up some other time. When I woke up the next morning I asked myself why are you lying??? so I sent a long, rambling text saying its over. I need what you cant give. Blah blah blah.D texted back that "I knew you were lying Last nite" and a well I guess its over... Seeing that I was so hurt... I started to cry. I texted D what I was feelin (hurt) and what i was doin (cryin) this SOB replied thanks for sharing. No it's ok Baby. or sorry we didnt work out... Or anything...Just thanks for sharing...

Damn 2 years. Gone. wantin, needin, prayin for ish to work out... I loved D.... F that I love D. and all I got was thanks for sharin..

This ISh Sucks

But it made me realize that when you feel like no one or a certain someone does not have you back...You have got to move your back. Was i hurt? did I grieve? did I miss D? yes!!! yes!!! YES!!!

Do I deserve better?? FUCK YES!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't let no one take that much power from you again!!!

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