Monday, May 5, 2008

Missing You

Missing you
Open mike nite is tonight..
as sit here at work
shifting thru them
As I pick which one to say
figuring out should it be a lovey dovey one about wifey
a lusting, wishing, sexy one about you
I realized something......
I miss you....

so....thought i would let you know
that I was missing you
and what I missed
I miss hearing that deep voice
on my phone
in my ear
talking shit
missed seeing
those eyes
there is something
very sexy and mysterious about those eyes
makes one want to find out what is hidden
within them
Your laughter
is infectious
haven't been infected in a while
I miss hearing your stories
you life crisis's
your abundance of women issues
your fears on becoming a better parent
I miss
my 12 am texts
that I would wait for
excited by the vision and sounds waiting for me
in my kitchen
I miss "accidentally" running into you
at the club
going to the bat cave
(every time I watch 300, which is often because it is one of my top 10.... I love that story!,)
I miss you
I miss your Kisses, although I only had a couple
I miss things that I never experienced
like laying on your chest
playing in your hair
looking up or down or behind at you
at the moment of orgasm
the taste of your... love as it cums
kissing you in the rain
mounting you like the stallion you are

just missing you
and thought you should know

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