Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Ramblings of Me

*1 st I dont feel like spell or grammar checking*
Pain is suppose to be a sign of Birth, Death, and/or Healing
I have been in almost constant pain since 12/23/10
Pain that requires narcotics
I have not in my opinion been a good wife, mother, employee, friend, etc
because of this pain
I am feeling like I am somehow being prepared or pushed for something
I know that everything in life happens according to God's plan and that everything has a reason
I dont know what the reason is
I thought it could be my body responding to me being totally in love with someone(for the first time ever) and that someone being a man (gasp) and that sent my back into spasms
I thought that the idea of being hurt emotionally, deeply, and being totally vulnerable to another flawed spirit made my body react
So I begin to talk to my body and my God to relieve the pain
That didnt work

I sought treatment from holistic and western medicine
I thought I have found the miracle cure
Had the wonder shot and was fine for 21 days :-(
Had the 2nd shot of 3
lets just say the wonder lost its thuder

In Pain

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