Thursday, June 28, 2012


I wish a had a daddy in my life
To show me left from right
To just so me all the moves
And hip me to the rules
Of shit these niggas do
How to not read between the lines
How to decipher all the lies
How to wait and take my time
How they like their chicks in twos
Well then again I like that too
But right now I'm so confused
I dreamt I would end up on the news
That I busted up in his house
Put this burner in his mouth
Blow his brains out the back
Then kissed him on the mouth
Told him that I loved him
Then disappeared down South
But even in the dream
As I flee from the murder scene
He's waiting in the car
Saying just run away with me
In my dreams he's a beast
And a monster In them sheets
When I wake up to tears
And bad thoughts
I still wish I had a daddy
So I could read this Nigga's thoughts
Cause he got me so confused
Singing some Nina Simone blues
Drinking way too much booze
Cause I never have a daddy to
Tell me the hidden rules

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