Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Awkward Moments

1.When they won't call you back

2.When his girl calls your phone

3.When you are willing to wear the scarlet A on your chest and they don't even acknowledge they have feelings for you

4.When you ask yourself "what kind of dude would really do this type of ish?"

5. When you realize you have not prayed about anything but removing these feelings from your heart.

6. When he is suppose to be loving You but you find out it's like 20 of y'all

7. When you are literally having a nervous breakdown because of your feeling and they are out dancing.

8. When you realize I deserve better.

9. When you think "although I don't do drugs I must have been high that entire time"

10. When you trade in that joker for a King/Queen and then the joker wants to upgrade.

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