Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playa President or Heaven Sent

what have you done to me
got me going crazy
am I living a fantasy?
reaching for you in my sleep
your kisses make my knees week
begging for you to go deep
got me glowing like a christmas tree
this must be voodoo
that you are doing to me
got me singing love songs
wanting to make love all night long
I wan to give birth to lil you's
WTF not me
you must have me confused with someother
I dont do dick
This baby says jump
I scream how high
I can really kiss the sky
floating on clouds
I dont want to come down
Begging you as you make me scream
Please Daddy
pick me
love me
Be mine
Like meredith on grey's anatomy
Got me saying
dont go
I love you
I'm all yours
its all yours
so I'll ask again
are you the Playa's President
Are you Heaven Sent?

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Got you wantin lil yous?? Gurl that bad, i mean real bad. you need one of my talks?

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