Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is Love?!?!?!?

She let's him lead
as she happily follows
She doesnt remember yesterday
all she sees is tomorrow
she wants to make him scream
as she sucks and swallows

In love is she with him
not just for right now
but until the wheels fall off
and after that maybe she'll just ride on the rims
not because her clothes fell off
and her shoes stayed on
or as he kissed all of her lips
he played all her favorite songs

But because her mind and soul
goes off everytime he talks
like bombs in Bagdad
she never knew somebody could
get her that fast
have her this bad
make her this sprung
Have her acting so dumb

She is me
you are him
but will we
be us
till ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
Or will tomorrow
as quick as he came
he will disappear
leaving her with nothing
more than him saying
Cum for Daddy
in her ear

Who knows
who cares
all I know is
I'm grateful
for each Im
Each touch
each kiss

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