Thursday, April 16, 2009

Please Baby?

I am going say this
I know I am going to regret it
maybe regret is a bad word but here it goes
I love You
I am in love with You
I choose to love you everyday
in everyway imaginable
I like you
I lust after you
nightly daily

Now you are all of the things
and I do mean
ALL of the things that I prayed for
a secret pray that nobody knew but me and God
I know it has been a short time
but it is what it is
I have been begging you in words and actions
to be with me
to be mine to
To put your worries down
I am not her
She is not me
You are not the you
you were
Baby lets do
do all those things that we are scared to do
just do them
Do I want to
walk down the
aisle no
not this year or next
but 2011 looks good for me
are you free?
Baby just do it
Come into my arms
I have exposed parts of myself that I didnt even know were there
I wanna be with you
I am ready
Now wait
I know that this is alot for us to swallow
but people just dont feel like this everyday
life doesnt feel this good every day
but it feels really really good when we are together
in person
on the phone
I was thinking that
I was crazy for lack of a better term
but I'm not
I am not in love by myself
unless you were lying
and you couldnt be
Pychotic maybe
Cause who in their right can make their eyes dance
and kiss me like that
and Say "BabyGirl, I been waiting to tell you this for a long time
I Love You"

So Take the next step
Tell me its all mine
For all time
Please Baby?

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