Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am ready are you?

This is more of a declaration than a letter. I am declaring that you and I will be US. Now I am not doing this in some crazy Glen Close in Fatal Attraction way, but what I am doing is taking the Question off of the table..

I am here.

I am Not Afraid.

I will be here (in 3 months and in 30 years.)

Loving You.

Being sexually free with you.

Supporting You.

Encouraging you.

Indulging you.

Supplying you.

Being Faithful to you.

Believing in you.

Spoiling you.

Sexing you.

Educating you.

Being the Queen to your King.

Being open to you.

Exploring with you.

Submitting to you.

Pleasing you.

Choosing to Love You and Only you everyday.

Communicating with you.

Sharing you.

Laughing with you.

Being the woman that you can live your dreams and share your nightmares with.

Being the woman that you can take to church on Sunday, the club on Friday, to dinner with your family on Tuesday, out with your crew on Wednesday, to the strip club on Thursday, to Bible study on Saturday and a business dinner on Monday; feeling proud, honored, and comfortable to have me by your side at each place.

Being the woman that will Cook your food, Wash your Clothes, Clean your house, Work a 9-5, Finish my undergrad (and Graduate) degrees and Birth your Babies all while looking Pretty, Hot, And Tempting in heels, make-up, clothes, and fabulous hair.

Respecting you.

Honoring you.

I could go on but I wont!! However there is a catch---- I need these things reciprocated.

I feel things for you that I have never felt before. I have never let anyone in this far although there is much more to see; would you like to come inside

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