Wednesday, July 8, 2009


your love
is like a
I knew it would hurt
from the 1st time
I saw you

when i got you that
text that said
I wanna see you
but you know its
late dot dot dot
my heart kinda stopped
I thought I was a Big girl
that night
I saw the bait
and took a bite

your love is like a tattoo
I knew it would be beautiful
on your couch hand on my knee
I felt your eyes on me
saw that your needle was ready
to put that ink on me
it hurt
I cried
you kissed it to make it better
I moaned and sighed

Your love is like a Tattoo
it hurts sometimes and its absoutely beautiful
but I wear it proudly
it is seen by others
folks asks me how long Ive had
do I like
and where they can get one just like it
Your love is like a tattoo
it will last forever
even when I am in my grave
your tattoo will remain

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