Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sexy, Single, African American, Curvy Diva is in search of same. Who can love me long and hard. A woman who can understand that I am still on my path so I need time to go to school, study, and work over 40 hours a week. Someone who can adapt to a growing household I have 2 kids a prince 14 Amir and a Lil Diva 12 Ahyanah who do not live with me now but will in the near future. I also have a 17 yo brother Ali and a 49 yo mother who may or may not live with me, therefore us.

Someone who likes to look good/ feminine, dress fly, go out ad see the world (first class of course). A woman who know that looking good for me might mean buying a Bag (prolly Gucci) or a couple of pairs of shoes (from Nordstroms or Needles Markup aka Neimen Marcus) or a "few' ensembles from whoever every now and again. I dress fly to go to the supermarket and get my hair/nails/toes done at what may seem to them unusual times in the midst of a argument or when I am not feeling my best physically.

However I need this someone to know that although I may be extravagant at times that A roof over our head with lights, gas, phones, Internet, premium cable, and heat/air conditioning. food in the frig, cars (with gas in the them) in the driveway are first and foremost. A woman who understands that I am working on a few issues communication, love, trust, and faith.

I am very complex I have 3 sides who appear and disappear at will; KiKi the Diva, Kisha the emotional one and Dawn the workaholic. I am very outgoing I need/attract people my phone rings with texts and phone calls but I wont answer it if it is Our time. I can be the center of attention/life of the party I need to harness that to make some paper. lol. I need to know that someone has my back, front, and side. I like sex so I need someone who likes it also. Someone who can make me wet (I have had some issues with that in the past :-) Someone who can make me feel better I have some back issues and suffer from migraines So I need someone who can help me to the bathroom or go to the store and get chocolate if needed.

I love the Lord and Strippers and go to their respective houses to see them meaning I go to the strip club on Saturday and to 11 am service on Sunday. I am spoiled mentally, physically materialistically, and any other way you can imagine I need someone who can handle and SUPPLY that. I will supply whatever needs she has as well. I like to be romanced flowers, candy, cards, special nights, massages, and surprises. And I like to romance in whatever way she likes to be romance. I can be very emotional which may look needy or crying or clinging and I need her to handle and supply. I wanna know what equals love for my Lady. I am ready, willing, and able to love completely, honestly, openly, and for life. Are you?

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