Thursday, January 1, 2009


Have you done your Eulogy yet? I know you are probably thinking, Eulogy? It’s the first of the year and she’s talking about something as negative as a Eulogy? How depressing… Before any of you throw a hissy fit, I’ll explain what I mean. This month is your NEW BEGINNING. Life has so many wonderful possibilities in store for you. The only problem you have now is that you are thinking about your past- the failures, the missed opportunities, and the hurt feelings that have put negative thoughts deep within your subconscious mind. It is time for you to release them. Let them go. You’ve held on to them for too long. It is okay not to feel the way you used to feel or think the way you used to think. Your time is NOW. Make good USE of it.

~Write down everything that has held you back.
~Read It.
~ Let out that last good cry.
~Find peace within yourself.

Now, Begin anew and let your light shine brightly. You were meant to do so. Your future is ahead of you. Dream Big, Love Hard, and Be YOUR BEST SELF!

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