Monday, August 29, 2011

No Excuses???!!!!!!!

A FaceBook Friend is Doing 30 days of making a habit/no excuses and I thought "wow that's neat. I should do that too" Then My next thought was an excuse.. Yikes. Lawd Gawd Please tell me I just didn't do that... Nope I did
Have I become so Lazy that I can find and excuse for Everything I need, want, and Have to do? The answer Is YES! I look a Hot A$$ Mess this morning. Scrubs on, No Makeup, and Hair in a ponytail. I barely look like someone maid let alone someones wife. AND one of my goals/aspirations is to be this super hot wife.. UGH. My excuse for looking this way is I went to sleep at 12am and overslept therefore did not have to time to Curl my hair, Put on a face, and lay out some clothes.. mind you I was in the House Most of the weekend due to Hurricane Irene..
So I have Decided to Give It A Go But to Do It Until January 1,2012.. That's 125 days...
In that Time I will do the following EVERYDAY
Exercise Daily Walk, DVD, Or Something
Drink at least 64 oz of water a day
Have one treat per day
Do My Daily affirmations
actually do things on my to do list
try one new thing per day
Have Prayer time @ 1030pm every night
Read the Books I have before I purchase a new supply
Make Our New House a home
Grow and Prosper in my roles as Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, and Even *swallows Hard* Daughter.
Look My Absolute Best
Have Mind blowing, Toe Curling, Body Numbing Sex. *in my Kelly Rowland voice I don't wanna feel my LEGS*
Eat Three meal a day
Have a clean, well stocked, and good smelling home
Write those letters to the Credit Bureaus that I have been putting off since the early 2000's
Write Poetry
and a host of other assignments

Wish Me Luck


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