Thursday, January 21, 2010

Talk to me

Talk to me
let me know whats on your mind
tell me about your day
Dont just say
it was okay
tell me how your boss is a jerk
or maybe about that new project
that you are working on
I love to see you get your legit hustle on
did I mention
that I am so proud of you
grateful for all the things you do
to me
for me
with me
and for us

Talk to me
tell me about all the freaky ish
you wanna do to me
or wanna see me do
I can make all your dreams come true

Talk to me
Tell me all the thoughts
that are running through your mind
we have nothing but time
I wanna hear it all
tell me stories from when you were small
How the Bullies on the yard
alway hogged the ball
Tell me about the first girl you kissed
lets reminisce

Talk to me
cause our looks will fade
Our sex drive will drop
But our friendship will last forver

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