Friday, November 21, 2008

Allow me to reintroduce myself

My Name is Hov H to the O V I use to move snowflakes by the O Z Even back then you can call me C E O of The R O C My Bad....You Know I love Jay Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. OK my life has had some MAJOR but much needed changes over the Past Year and most definitely the last month.... I have been a little MIA... Not calling, texting, or emailing as I would normally do...With that said I am back.. But then again.. For some of ya'll I was not.. I have had alot of personal issues..

The issues have been work related, personal, family, relationship etc... You name the area I had issues...I mean ISSUES from it.. lol... Wow... So much has changed with me.. But I am back...I have been in some of your lives for years yet there are lots of areas of me that you don't know. For some the new relationship and move was no surprise for others you feel like what happened to my favorite Gay Couple???

The Best way to Start this story is at the beginning of end of life as I knew it.. Or as I like to call My Going Forward... I was lonely, uneducated, frustrated, heart broken, in a relationship that to some of you looked really cute on the surface but for the few of you that I confided in ya'll knew it was a ZOO, using AA batteries like they were going out of style (is that TMI???)...Not going to Church, Not praying, Feeling TRAPPED by my life... Has anyone felt that way?????

Anyway I went to the Flow ( a workshop) to renew and develop me.. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! From September 5 -7.. There I worked on ME.. Childhood Crap, Adult Crap, just EVERYTHING.. Meet alot of WONDERFUL people.. One of whom you will definitely meet and love.. My BFF LT

I came home renewed, happy. ready to continue my work on me, new, and improved but I came back home to someone who had also went to the Flow two weeks before me but was not ready to live life happily, abundantly, and authentically. Needless to say _______ and I are no longer together. I wish her well on her journey.

My journey is far from over...I am still looking my dream job, looking for a job that pays the bills, enrolling into school before the month of November is over (yes as a Full time Student), being a better friend, sister, daughter, mother, person, and striving for 110% from myself everyday.. But I am in love with ME again!!! I am getting ME in some type of Gospel order...LOL.. I feel like life is sweeter, better,and brighter now. I have laid my burdens down. I am no longer in a state situational depression.... I have a new outlook on life, on love, and on Me.. Can I get an Amen up in this Camp??????

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