Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mind control

All I ever wanted
From you
Was some reciprocity
That's it
Never wanted to marry you
Bear your children 
Be seen hanging off your arm
None of that
I just wanted to feel
Know and
That if you said you loved me
It was just a follow up to all the deeds you had done
What I want is to
Erase you
To Ctl Alt Del you out of my mind
To replace my knowledge of you with something useful
My philosophy of
Everything happens for a reason 
Leaves me confused
What was your reason 
What lesson was I suppose to get from our interactions
What knowledge did you impart into my life
Until then
I will hate you
For wasting my time


Miss SupAficial said...

I like reading stuff and can immediately picture myself saying the words. Thank you

Mrs KiKi Dawn said...

I am rereading these post.. Thanks for reading my mess

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